Annual C2HR Compensation Surveys

Since 2002, C2HR’s Annual Compensation Surveys have uncovered market pressures and identified industry-specific benchmarking metrics that technology, media and entertainment companies use to ensure competitive pay strategies. C2HR has commissioned the Croner Company, a leading compensation research and consulting firm, to conduct its compensation surveys. For additional information or to participate in C2HR’s Compensation Surveys, please contact Laurie Krashanoff, via this form, or call her at 415.485.5521.

“The C2HR Compensation Surveys offer insights specific to our industry at both a macro level as well as for individual roles, and help us identify trends in pay for individual roles or particular skillsets as our industry continues to evolve.”

Nick Dunlap, Vice President, Executive Compensation, Charter Communications




C2HR’s 2022 Compensation Surveys included 56 participants: 14 connectivity providers and 42 content developers. The survey results are industry-specific, providing an in-depth analysis of pay practices for roughly 126,300 connectivity employees and 34,394 content workers, including both exempt and nonexempt positions ranging from technicians to top executives. The participants submitted data reflecting 2022 budgets, base compensation figures, bonuses and incentives.

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