C2HR's Content Developer Compensation Survey

Given evolving consumer viewing behaviors and industry consolidation, compensation practices in the digital, media and entertainment industry are dynamic and ever-changing. Digital supremacy is driving the creation of new job families and driving up salaries, bonuses and long-term incentives (LTIs) across the employment market. To compete in this intense war for talent, content developers rely upon C2HR’s Annual Compensation Surveys to provide industry-specific benchmarks on pay, amenities and a wide range of compensation factors for 737 positions at all levels in functions such as general management, programming, creative production, technical production, post production, remote operations, library, affiliate and media relations, community affairs, market research, digital distribution, advertising sales, affiliate advertising sales, advertising sales operations, legal and business affairs and G&A.

Forty two (42) companies — representing approximately 34,394 employees — are using the 2022 C2HR Survey data to understand salary differentials to benchmark compensation; to establish job architecture, rational pay levels and pay structures; and to make informed decisions about bonus plans and equity plans. Participant companies include five national broadcast networks, 155 cable networks and 19 streaming services, as well as companies who create content.

Survey Reports

C2HR has commissioned the Croner Company, a leading compensation research and design firm, to collect and analyze the data and identify industry compensation trends and benchmarks. Given the highly confidential survey data, the results from any given company cannot be seen. Only summary information pertaining to all participants is available. This reporting approach complies with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulation and encourages participation without fear of exposing proprietary information to the public.

C2HR’s Compensation Survey results are delivered via a secure online data portal which allows for customizable Excel spreadsheets and presentation-ready reports for every position. Tools for analysis include paired comparison and titles matched reports; and the Annual Trends Report. Participant companies may select a custom cut of the data set for an extra fee. For additional information or to participate in C2HR’s Compensation Surveys, please contact Laurie Krashanoff, via this form, or call her at 415.485.5521.

Job Families

Advertising Sales
Advertising Sales
Sales Account Management
Sales Planning
Sales Analysis
Integrated Sales and Marketing
Advertising Solutions
Advertising Sales Marketing

Affiliate Sales
Affiliate Sales
Broadcaster Affiliate Relations
Affiliate Marketing
Digital Distribution
Digital Distribution Operations
International Distribution
Syndication Sales

Media Relations
Community Affairs
Government Relations

Content Distribution
Network Operations Coordination
Closed Captioning
Quality Control
Media Operations
Broadcast Operations
Master Control
Broadcast Engineering (SB=Server-Based)
Transmission Engineering
Digital Mastering / Encoding Services

Creative Services
Creative Design
Production Art
Motion Graphics Design
Effects Design
Creative Services
Creative Services Traffic Project Management
Photo Editing

General and Administrative
Human Resources
Inclusion and Diversity
Production Accounting
Royalty Accounting
Production Financial Analysis
Financial Compliance / Audit
Participation and Residuals
Information Technology
Advanced Technology
Digital Media Delivery Engineering
International General Management
International Programming
International Producing
International Marketing
International Head of Advertising Sales
International Business Development

Legal and/or Business Affairs
Legal and/or Business Affairs
Legal Counsel
Contract Administration
Standards and Practices
Rights and Clearances
Business Development
Customer Support

Digital Assets

Marketing Strategy
Consumer Marketing
Brand / Product Marketing
Digital / Social Media Marketing
Growth Marketing
Digital Partner Marketing
Media Planning
Events Marketing

On-Air Promotions
On-Air Promotions
Writing / Producing

New Products / Lines of Business
Digital Media

News Producing
Bureau Chief
News Assignment Desk
Content or News Editorial
Content or News Research
Other News Executive

Production Creative
Music Content
Coordinating Producing
Multimedia Producing
Digital Journalist
Production Management
Resource Scheduling
Technical Operations

Program Acquisitions
Original Programming
Program Development
Current Programming
International Program Development
Program Scheduling
Talent Relations
Show Booking

Studio Remote Production
Show Direction
Technical Direction
Studio / Remote Production
Camera Operations
Audio Technology
Editorial Graphics Production
Hair and Makeup
Digital Production Technology
Remote Operations

Post Production
Post Production
Audio Editing / Mixing / Design
Character Generation

Research and Analytics
Market and/or Audience Research
Consumer Insights and Analytics
Digital Analytics
Data Science
Business Intelligence Engineering
Extract Transform and Load Developing

Sales Operations
Sales Operations
Advertisement Inventory
Advertisement Traffic
Sales Training



Survey Schedule


Compensation Survey

If you are interested in becoming a C2HR Compensation Survey participant, or would like additional information, please contact Laurie Krashanoff at 415.485.5521 or click to access the sign up form.


The Croner Company conducts this Survey as an independent third party on behalf of the Survey’s participants. The Croner Company guards the confidentiality of each participant’s data as well as that of the Survey report. Survey reports, data, special analyses and results are distributed to Survey participants only and will not be sold or otherwise distributed to non-participants by The Croner Company or any third party unless required to be produced by legal process. Non-participants may obtain the report only by agreeing, in writing, to participate in the following year’s Survey.

All Survey participants are required to sign a statement that confirms that they will abide by confidentiality standards and not share usernames or passwords, make copies, allow copies to be made, distribute electronic files, or otherwise reproduce or share any part of the Survey report results or data with non-participating organizations, divisions, entities or individuals.


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