Aspiring Leader Award Winner Drives Diversity & Workplace Behavior Efforts

Awarded annually since 2012, the Aspiring Leader honor recognizes an emerging human resources professional whose fresh perspective, inventive ideas and innovative strategies have positively impacted an organization. The 2019 Aspiring Leader is Jennifer Znaniecki (pictured at left).

After climbing the ranks within Mediacom, in April 2018 Jennifer Znaniecki was named Senior Director of Learning and Development. In this role overseeing training activities in 22 states and the corporate headquarters, Jennifer has led a drive on Mediacom's diversity and workplace behavior efforts. She was instrumental in building the company's RESPECT program that focuses on: Recognizing that every opinion matters; Engaging people/groups that you normally wouldn't to get a different perspective; Supporting one another so we can do our best work; Participating in your development in building relationships; being mindful that the Environment we create feeds our productivity and morale; Embracing Change so we can ensure the success and growth of our business and culture and; Being Thoughtful of how our personal and work-based influences impact us and those around us. The RESPECT program was so well received that employees from all functions within the company eagerly awaited their turn to participate.

Jennifer also developed an in-house business ethics course, a workplace violence and prevention program and the revision of the company's harassment training. During the implementation of the workplace violence training, the topic of domestic violence frequently surfaced. In response, Jennifer created a confidential training session on Intimate Partner Violence and the Workplace which has helped employees who may not have otherwise sought assistance. She has driven her team of trainers to create and deliver top-notch homegrown training opportunities and always looks to improve the effectiveness and operational efficiencies within Mediacom.

"Jennifer is without a doubt a proven leader in driving enterprise -wide learning initiatives and strategic projects related to learning and development. She is truly an Aspiring Leader," said Judy Mills, Group Vice President of Human Resources for Mediacom.