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Sean CaseyComcast NBCUniversal believes in building a future of unlimited possibilities for veterans, service members, and military families, including meaningful civilian careers. Focusing on this talent pool isn't just the right thing to do, but it's also good business. Veterans, National Guard and reserve service members, and military spouses bring many skills employers seek, like problem-solving, teamwork, and work ethic. From executive champions to building an inclusive culture for military-connected teammates, employers must think holistically about these employees' experiences.

As the nation celebrates National Veterans and Military Families Month, here are a few ways to connect with the military community.

Engaged Leadership

Military Engagement is part of Comcast NBCUniversal’s values. We integrate military hiring and employee engagement across the enterprise. The origins of this started with our company's founder Ralph Roberts, a World War II Navy veteran. Since then, top leaders at the company have championed recruiting military talent and established an enterprise-wide goal of hiring 21,000 veterans, National Guard and reserve service members, and military spouses to galvanize recruiters and hiring managers. Comcast employees

But it's not just about hiring for our leaders. We also consider what the journey is like for these employees navigating their careers at our company. For many organizations, Employee Resource Groups (ERG) bring to life experiences that influence employee satisfaction and retention. Each of our nine ERGs, including our Veterans Network, has two national executive champions and a committee of executive advisors. These leaders often have deep, personal connections to the ERGs they support, that advance our organization's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) through guidance and support at all levels.

Organizing military hiring and employee engagement across a large enterprise like Comcast NBCUniversal is challenging. That's why the company has an executive position leading the company's Military and Veteran Affairs (MVA) team. Through this executive's vision and guidance, the MVA team works collaboratively with human resources, talent acquisition, DE&I, and other departments to develop initiatives to understand and engage with military-connected employees.


Military Inclusivity

An inclusive company is a more innovative and successful one. Today's service members are the most racially-, ethnically-, and gender-diverse generation in our nation's history. Military service is an all-consuming environment where people from diverse backgrounds bond through shared experiences that significantly influence their identities. Considerations for military-connected teammates are part of all discussions surrounding the company's DE&I initiatives, HR practices, and employee engagement.


Comcast NBCUniversal provides unique support to encourage collaborations between our Veterans Network and other ERGs to bridge the cultural divides between military-connected teammates and peers. Through our ERG Challenge Grant, we earmark funding for professional development and community service projects for our Veterans Network and at least one additional ERG. These grants lead to open dialogue and build camaraderie between military and civilian colleagues as they work toward mutually beneficial outcomes.

Comcast MilitaryWe want to build a workforce that fully mirrors the customers and communities we serve. We encourage employees to volunteer for the company's Self ID Survey through campaigns and supervisor communications. Knowing the military community is diverse, our survey includes an array of options for military-connected teammates to identify as, including veteran status, National Guard and reserve service status, or military spouse. This data is used to tailor our inclusivity programs and practices to meet the needs of employees impacted by their or their loved one's military service.

To help us and other companies along the military-inclusion journey, Comcast NBCUniversal sponsors PsychArmor's "Courses for Employers Who Invest in Military Talent." From asking the right interview questions to a veteran to creating military-focused onboarding and mentoring programs, the short, self-paced videos are a fantastic tool for employers to integrate military-inclusive knowledge and practices into their DE&I Programs.

HR Practices

There’s a critical military-civilian culture gap between a recruiter and a job candidate with a military background. The differences between industry jargon and job titles can create confusion and missed opportunities.

Comcast NBCUniversal partnered with the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) to address this issue among HR professionals, recruiters, and hiring managers. The Veterans at Work certificate is an education program helping HR professionals, managers, and business leaders better understand and engage with military community talent.

Thousands of Comcast NBCUniversal teammates continue to serve as members of the National Guard and reserve. Balancing military and civilian career demands is a challenge, so we established several benefits to ease the burden while they depart or reenter the company from military service.

  • 15 additional PTO days to attend military duties.

  • Access to the Military Concierge Service, a team of HR professionals that help navigate the transition between the company and military service.

  • Differential pay covering the gap between military pay and Comcast NBCUniversal salary.

  • Continued access to company retirement and health benefits.

  • Military Spouse Transfer Assistance to help teammates find new employment with Comcast NBCUniversal or another employer if they must move to a new location due to their spouse’s military service.

Employee Engagement – Seen, Supported, & Celebrated

Comcast NBCUniversal works to ensure military-connected teammates are recognized year-round. During recognition months, like Black History Month, Women’s History Month, or National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we integrate the voices and experiences of these teammates who represent both the identity group and the military community. We amplify these stories through blog posts, social media content, internal newsletters, and executive communications.

Each year, Comcast NBCUniversal hosts its Military Influencer & Leader Development Symposium. This multi-day professional development event has brought hundreds of military-connected teammates together to advance their careers through inspiring speakers, skills development, and sharing ideas on empowering military customers, employees, and community partners.

Comcast MilitarySelfless service is woven into military-connected employees’ identities. After leaving the military, it can be challenging to find new ways to fulfill that sense of purpose. That’s why Comcast’s Team UP national employee volunteer program offers ways for teammates to join forces to give back to local communities, including veteran and military community serving organizations.

Each National Veterans and Military Families Month, our company turns its collective focus to the military community. Throughout the month, the company hosts guest speakers, organizes community service projects, and puts in the spotlight our enterprise-wide efforts celebrating military employees, customers, and community partners.

The military community’s service never stops, so ours won’t either. There are many ways employers can create an inclusive workplace where veterans, service members, and military families can thrive. Putting your organization’s focus on the military community will undoubtedly bring dynamic, committed, and unique talent to your workplace.

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