Boost Your HR IQ with these Speakers’ Golden Nuggets

While there were too many to list, we’ve shared some of the golden nuggets of knowledge shared by our 2019 C2HR Conference speakers:

Only 8% of companies include age in their diversity & inclusion plans (PwC) and most companies do not offer aging-friendly benefits. Retirement planning improves work productivity and phased retirement benefits employees and employers. Surfing the Silver Tsunami, Raymond Lee

75% of recruiters highlight company culture to compete against other employers, and new hires at companies with a strong employer brand are 40% less likely to leave after the first six months – decreasing annual turnover by 11%. Strong employment brands create a seamless brand experience at all touch points, demonstrating authenticity in what you say and what you do. The Elaborate World of Employment Branding, Jen Tracy & Robert Norris

Individuals and organizations assimilate change and new ways of thinking at different rates. You can use pulse checks and integration activities to move employees from awareness and understanding to buy-in and commitment. Employees and teams relate to leaders not as victims of circumstances but as owners of change. M&A: What the Hell Have You Just Done to Me, Darren McAdams

The labor supply is changing and companies need to embrace millennials, adapt work environments to appeal to aging workers and compete on a global scale for the best talent. The emphasis of skills will shift from being transactional to relational and expertise which will require new types of roles to bridge the gap between available and future capabilities. Changing skillset dynamics, including a shorter shelf-life for skills, will lead organizations to rethink L&D and to increasingly look beyond their internal workforce to access critical skills. Workforce of the Future, Tina Naser

Since 2002, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation's Corporate Equality Index has become a roadmap and benchmarking tool to measure LGBTQ equality in the workplace. For a 100% in the 2019 Corporate Equality Index report, businesses must: offer parity between different and same-sex spouses and have coverage available for domestic partners of enrollees, remove transgender exclusions from all benefits plans, include LGBTQ suppliers as part of their supplier diversity program (if such a program is in existence). HRC provides resources and consultation that enable each business to attain a 100% rating. LGBTQ Workplace Equality, Bobby Amirshahi, Michael Glorioso, Elfi Martinez & Courtland Passant

Understand how employees and leaders want to be listened to.

Describe how to launch a listening approach within your organization.

Describe how to leverage design thinking within a project.

Understand the role of surveys versus face to face forums as a part of a listening strategy.

Design thinking can be applied to elevate your listening strategy and better engage with employees. Never underestimate the value of a face-to-face dialog. Employees really want to weigh in on things that are closest to their job. Elevating the Employee Experience Through Engaged Listening, Michele Parks

It’s never too late to start again. Own your moment. Keynote Speaker Lisa Sun

When it comes to innovation, there is a huge disconnect in companies today. While 97% of CEOs list innovation as a top priority (PwC), 51% of surveyed employees do not feel they have enough time to work on ideas and 53% don’t believe their company has a strong innovation plan (based on the 20,000+ people who have taken the Trend Hunter Innovation Assessment). Keynote Speaker Jaime Neely

Speaker Slides & Handouts

Future-Proof Your Work Culture

The Workforce of the Future

Elevating the Employee Experience Through Engaged Listening

Secrets to a Successful Partnership: Employee Relations & Your Legal Team

LGBTQ Workplace Equality

What the Hell Have You Just Done to Me? Inspiring Employee Engagement & Performance During a M&A Transformation

Surfing the Silver Tsunami: Addressing Retirement & Aging in the Workplace

Workplace Design: Fostering Collaboration & Innovation

Elevating Human Resources’ Impact

The Elaborate World of Employment Branding Spectrum Case Study

*Please note that some speakers did not release their intellectual property for distribution