The Emerging Jobs Critical to Industry’s Future

A key strength of the Annual C2HR Compensation Surveys is their ability to anticipate changing talent necessary to keep businesses running successfully. To ensure that the annual surveys continue to capture data reflecting market evolution, participants meet each winter to review job titles surveyed and add emerging requirements. As a result of those meetings, the 2023 Connectivity Provider Survey now includes 607 job titles, and the 2023 Content Developer Survey includes 770 job titles.

New Content Development Positions
Based on participant feedback, The Croner Company, the research and compensation consulting firm that conducts the surveys for C2HR, renamed the recruiting job family as Talent Acquisition / Recruiting and added four new job families and 33 new positions to the 2023 Content Developer’s Survey. The new job families are:

  • Drone Operations
  • Learning and Organizational Development
  • Strategy and Operations
  • International Technology

A sampling of the 33 new content positions to be surveyed in 2023 include:

  • Senior Talent Relations Specialist
  • Associate Talent Relations Specialist
  • Senior Manager, Multimedia Producing
  • Drone Operator
  • Senior Manager, Digital Distribution
  • Digital Distribution Coordinator
  • Senior Director, Talent Acquisition / Recruiting
  • Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator
  • Vice President, Strategy and Operations
  • Manager, Strategy and Operations
  • Vice President, Learning and Organizational Development
  • Manager, Learning and Organizational Development
  • Sales Operations Coordinator

These jobs aren’t just in demand in the technology, media and entertainment industry. LinkedIn highlighted several of them in its recent article: LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise 2023: 25 U.S. roles that are growing in demand. Title variations on (No. 3) diversity and inclusion manager, (No. 6) sales enablement specialist, (No. 14) strategy and operations manager, and (No. 17) online campaign manager are among those appearing on both C2HR’s and LinkedIn’s lists this year.

New Positions Among Industry Broadband / Connectivity Providers
Connectivity providers also honed the 2023 survey. As a result of the discussions, the Croner Company added four new positions to the 2023 Connectivity Survey:

  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Associate Data Scientist
  • Network Operations Center / IP Technician 1
  • Director, Web Development

Enrollment for 2023 Survey Participants
“The C2HR Compensation Surveys offer valuable industry-specific insights that help us identify trends in pay for individual roles or particular skillsets as our industry continues to evolve,” said Nick Dunlap, Vice President of Executive Compensation for Charter Communications.

The 2023 C2HR Compensation Surveys are now open for participation. To enroll, please contact Laurie Krashanoff at 415.485.5521 or complete this form. For insight into the 2022 survey findings, read this article.

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