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C2HR Seeks Survey Participants to Identify Industry’s Hot Jobs,

Salary Benchmarks and Popular Perks

NAPERVILLE, ILL., March 11, 2019 — The cable industry employs 2.9 million people across nearly 900 different job titles[i]. Every year there is an ebb and flow among the jobs and salaries in our workforce. As our industry innovates and embraces emerging consumer behaviors, new jobs are created and high demand for specific skills drives up salaries. Content & Connectivity Human Resources’ (C2HR, formerly known as CTHRA) Annual Compensation Surveys uncover market pressures and identify valuable benchmarking metrics that industry employers use to ensure competitive pay strategies. C2HR is currently enrolling participants for the 2019 surveys.

“These are the most comprehensive surveys of our industry available.  Without them, we would be somewhat hamstrung for data unique to our industry or to correlate with data outside our industry,” said Robert Scott, director of compensation for Cox Communications.

Last year, 58 employers submitted data on compensation, amenities and benefits for more than 200,000 incumbents, including both exempt and nonexempt positions ranging from technicians to top executives. Employers can sign up to participate in a survey by contacting Laurie Krashanoff at415.485.5521. To view the list of participating companies, highlights and the executive summary from last year’s results, please visit

C2HR has commissioned the Croner Company to collect and analyze the data and identify industry trends and benchmarks. The survey results will be separated into two participant categories: content delivery providers (MSOs, satellite and telecommunications companies) and content developers (digital content creators, cable programmers and broadcast networks).  Given the highly confidential survey data, the results from any given company cannot be seen. Only summary information pertaining to all participants is available. This reporting approach complies with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulation and encourages participation without fear of exposing proprietary information to the public.


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